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ZRound Suite Late Night Build

ZRound Suite Late Night Build765 Downloads ZRound Suite 1.23.2 Due date: 2022-11-14 Application Issuse Type Status Subject RaceManager 154 Bug Closed Exception error shown when application is closed after a Team race RaceManager 155 Bug Feedback Relay time call shouldn’t be announced after the last relay (end of the race) RaceManager 156 Bug Feedback Starting team races from Championship Manager won’t load team members transponders on Race Manager Download ZRound… Read More »ZRound Suite Late Night Build

ZRound Suite

ZRound Suite2692 Downloads ZRound Suite – 1.23.1 Championship Manager 0000149: [Bug] Application freeze on automatic results uploading when the results service is down or network issues exist 00000151: [Feature] Set a champinship “color” to highlight the windows belonging to the championship and related races Race Manager 0000143: [Feature] New announces based on best pace/race results 0000144: [Feature] Read out only extra time on pace announcements 0000145: [Feature] Add standard deviation and… Read More »ZRound Suite

GiroZ Tester

GiroZ Tester36 DownloadsGiroZ lapcounter tester. You can check your GiroZ tester before going live. Verify if it works and how it performs before starting using it with ZRound. It doesn’t needs to install, just unzip the package and open the executable. Download now!Size: 222 KBPublished: 2013-10-16

Slot Detector System

Slot Detector System34 DownloadsComplete detection system for Slot tracks by Lisergio-Z External link:   Download now!Size: 3.8 MBPublished: 2013-08-28

Starting Lights system for Arduino

Starting Lights system for Arduino65 DownloadsHow to build a starting light system for ZRound with an Arduino stack.   Download now!Size: 452 KBPublished: 2013-08-24

Starting Lights for LEDSTRIM WS2811

Starting Lights for LEDSTRIM WS281180 DownloadsStarting light modification for LedStrim WS2811   Download now!Size: 25 KBPublished: 2013-08-24

Slot Tester

Slot Tester49 DownloadsParallel port (LPT) tester tool for ZRound parallel port detector interface. You can check your slot detection system before going to live. It doesn’t needs to install, just unzip the package and open the executable. Download now!Size: 217 KBPublished: 2006-08-12