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ZRound Suite

ZRound Suite
ZRound Suite

ZRound Suite – 1.23.1

Championship Manager

  • 0000149: [Bug] Application freeze on automatic results uploading when the results service is down or network issues exist
  • 00000151[Feature] Set a champinship “color” to highlight the windows belonging to the championship and related races

Race Manager

  • 0000143: [Feature] New announces based on best pace/race results
  • 0000144: [Feature] Read out only extra time on pace announcements
  • 0000145: [Feature] Add standard deviation and consistency %
  • 0000146: [Feature] Add command line option to set the default settings file (.ini)
  • 0000147: [Feature] Allow to use bigger/smaller font on lap times page
  • 0000148: [Feature] Best laps/practices autoscroll
  • 0000152[Feature] Printing improvements
  • 0000153[Lapcounter] Support for SpeedTransponder lapcounter
Size: 7.5MB
Version: v1.23.1.20
Published: 2022-10-16