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ZRound Suite

Raise your lapcounter to a higher level




ZRound Suite Family.

Enjoy your races with outstanding features on your hands
Races and Championships

Manage races and free practice sessions and go to the next level managing events with Heats and Mains

Track designer

Design your track layout (foam tiles style) and calculate the pieces you need
... or use your own designed layout

Publish race info

Multiple monitors, Secondary console (net),
speaked notices, embed a compact scoreboard on your videos. Live results on internet(beta), ...

Cloud Services

Share your results with ZRound Results service

Share your laps/time live on internet with ZRound Live service

Why Select ZRound?

We understand your needs managing r/c races and provide a solid solution

Success in new features implementation. ZRound grows with you.

You will take advantage of lots options used worldwide.

It's free

ZRound Software is just free.


ZRound is used worldwide on all r/c classes and slot competitions. 

ZRound is the most used r/c software on 1/28 scale.

About Me

This is a personal project of Jesús M. Broceño, a r/c hobby enthusiast and fan of MiniZ races.

Since 2006 I’ve been working on this piece of software which has been growning with r/c users needs and my own experience in radio control races and computer science knowledgements.


You can support the ZRound Project by making a monetary donation. The amount to donate is up to your choice. If you own a company or belong to an organization which benefits from ZRound, please make an effort to mantain the project alive.

All donations will be handled by PayPal.
Consider donating at least 5 USD/Euro. Otherwise the transaction fees will eat up most if not all of your donation.

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