ZRound Suite Late Night Build

ZRound Suite Late Night Build0 Downloads ZRound Suite – (see Race Manager  0000114: [Feature] Use the car mean lap time on Raceplay to prevent the drawing to wait for next lap time  0000116: [Bug] Monitor 2 zoom out makes racer field wider instead of name field  0000117: [Lapcounter] App crahs starting ZRound. Error code 0xc0000142  0000115: [Feature] Racer’s info on raceplay simulations Download ZRound Suite BETASize: 6.5MBVersion: v1.22.1.4Published: 2021-02-14

ZRound Suite

ZRound Suite0 Downloads ZRound Suite – 1.21.12 (see Race Manager 0000108: [Bug] Better control on race names. Championship Manager 0000110: [Bug] Show racer’s session data even if session panel is minimized 0000109: [Text to speech] Unregistered (unkown) transponder numbers shouldn’t be announced 0000112: [Feature] RacePlay layout can be show as floating windows (to allow capture on video output) 0000111: [Feature] Save free practice laps to database Download ZRound SuiteSize: 6.5MBVersion:… Read More »ZRound Suite

GiroZ Tester

GiroZ Tester0 DownloadsGiroZ lapcounter tester. You can check your GiroZ tester before going live. Verify if it works and how it performs before starting using it with ZRound. It doesn’t needs to install, just unzip the package and open the executable. Download now!Size: 222 KBPublished: 2013-10-16