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ZRound Suite Late Night Build

ZRound Suite Late Night Build2042 Downloads ZRound Suite Due date: TBD Application Issue Type Statys Subject Race Manager 221 Feature Feedback Add race class to run results report Race Manager 225 Feature Closed Add INS/DEL key shortcut to add/remove racer to the practice session Race Manager 226 Feature In Progress Enable N-Best laps on practice time Race Manager 230 Bug In Progress App freezes using AMB Race Manager 232… Read More »ZRound Suite Late Night Build

ZRound Suite

ZRound Suite7858 Downloads ZRound Suite Due date: 2024-04-07 Application Issuse Type Status Subject Race Manager 209 Feature Closed Add new setting to limit the number of racers shown on console without scroll Race Manager 210 Feature Closed Seconds used on “Noisy lap control” shoud be configurable (TRANSLATE) Race Manager 207 Bug Closed A/V exceptions starting race manager from championship manager and myLaps LAN device enabled Race Manager 211 Feature… Read More »ZRound Suite

GiroZ Tester

GiroZ Tester174 DownloadsGiroZ lapcounter tester. You can check your GiroZ tester before going live. Verify if it works and how it performs before starting using it with ZRound. It doesn’t needs to install, just unzip the package and open the executable. Download now!Size: 222 KBPublished: 2013-10-16