ZRound Suite Late Night Build

ZRound Suite Late Night Build255 DownloadsZRound Suite – 1.22.6 (see Race Manager 0000134: [Feature] Allow configure database provider Championship Manager 0000133: [Bug] Classification for racers without results used inscriptions sort instead of the higher available criteria 0000132: [Bug] Championship settings lost on reload Download ZRound Suite BETASize: 6.7MBVersion: v1.22.6.3Published: 2022-01-26

ZRound Suite

ZRound Suite1112 Downloads ZRound Suite – 1.22.5 (see Race Manager 0000131: [lapcounter] Support for AMB 9200 decoder [bug] USB Easy Lap counter didn’t connect automatically. Download ZRound SuiteSize: 6.5MBVersion: v1.22.5.7Published: 2021-11-08