ZRound Suite Late Night Build

ZRound Suite Late Night Build130 DownloadsZRound Suite – 1.22.5 (see 0000131: [lapcounter] Support for AMB 9200 decoder Download ZRound Suite BETASize: 6.7MBVersion: v1.22.5.2Published: 2021-10-13

ZRound Suite

ZRound Suite554 Downloads ZRound Suite – 1.22.4 (see Japanese translation by Kimihiko Jano Championship Manager 0000125: [Bug] Promote driver 0000127: [Bug] Wrong championship points calculation using “Every round awards point” option 0000129: [Bug] Uploading championship/race info to results site failing when using special chars Race Manager 0000122: [Text to speech] Avoid too bad lap times to be readed out 0000124: [Bug] Estimation on TOP-QUALIFY monitor view can be wrong… Read More »ZRound Suite