ZRound Suite Late Night Build

ZRound Suite Late Night Build41 DownloadsZRound Suite – 1.22.3 (see Race Manager 0000121: Make racer’s name size configurable on Raceplay view (feature) Download ZRound Suite BETASize: 6.5MBVersion: v1.22.3.1Published: 2021-07-09

ZRound Suite

ZRound Suite220 Downloads ZRound Suite – 1.22.2 (see Race Manager 0000120: [Feature] Best Lap and Practices tabs available as floating windows 0000085: [Feature] Add practice best laps to secondary monitror 0000119: [Feature] n-best lap time classification on practice sessions 0000118: [Feature] Refactoring of option pages Download ZRound SuiteSize: 6.5MBVersion: v1.22.2.4Published: 2021-06-25