Scoreboard Devices

ZRound supports Scoreboard devices in order to show positions and times on a big display.

Next you will find details about the protocol used.


The protocol includes the commands RESET, TIME, POSITION described below in their default values. The commands can be fully configured in the ZRound Scoreboard configuration page

RESET: ZRound sends this command when the race starts to “clear” the display. The default value is “$*9999#”

RACE TIME: ZRound sends the race time every second and you can define. You can define if you want to send race time, day time or both of them.

CAR LAP/TIME: ZRound sends the racer’s lap/time. You can setup the message and you to send the racer’s number, position, laps, and race time. Last lap time is not sent but it will be easy to implement. On every pass, all racer's data is sent (not only for the detected car).

In order to configure the commands these “variables” can be used:

<HH>: Day time hours
<MM>: Day time minutes
<SS>: Day time seconds
<hh>: Race time hours
<mm>: Race time minutes
<ss>: Race time seconds
<P>: Position
<PP>: Position (2 fixed places with leading 0)
<LL>: Laps  (2 fixed digits with leading 0)
<L*>: Laps
<NN>:  Racer’s number (2 fixed digits with leading 0)
<N*>: Racer’s number

New data fields since release 1.12.19

Available on the CAR LAP command:
<NAME>        : Racer's name
<NICK>        : Racer's nick name
<LAP_TIME>    : Lap time
<TOTAL_TIME>  : Total time
<BEST_LAP>    : Best lap time
<MEAN_TIME>   : Mean time
<EST_LAPS>    : Estimated number of laps for the race
<EST_TIME>    : Estimated time to complete the race
<GAP>         : Time/Laps Gap from 1st position
<INTERVAL>    : Time/Laps difference with the driver ahead.

TIMES are written with the decimal point defined into the operating system regional settings.

New data fields since release 1.12.22

Available on the CAR LAP command:
<DATE>        : System date in yyyymmdd format

ZRound settings example:

a) Reset command: “$RESET#”
b) Race time info. “$TIME;<hh>:<mm>:<ss>#”
c) Lap info. “$LAP;<N*>;<P>;<LL>;<NICK>;<LAP_TIME>;<BEST_LAP>#”

During the race will be sent messages as these:


Tested devices

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