Tips and Tricks


Link Description
Logo in reports How to change the logo on your printer reports
Colors in Secondary Display Define custom colors for the secondary display
Racer using the wrong transponder Assign laps counted for an unregistered transponder to a registered racer
Keyboard shortcuts Commands to start/stop race with the keyboard
Read out all laps Configure ZRound to read out all laps just for me or for everybody
Custom practice time Define your custom practice time despite the general setting

ZRound manager

Link Description
Slot Mode Set “slot mode” to manage Slot races when you haven't a Slot lapcounter
Sharing race/championship data How to share your data with other clubs to manage Championships in diferent locations
People arrives after the race has started Add a new driver when the classification has already started
Import racers and inscriptions Using a CSV text file for importing racers and/or inscriptions
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