Team Races

Team races are full suported from 1.12 build 24 allowing management of team members and announing relays.

The feature include new user interface elements.

Team management

The racer's form includes an option to define it as a team.

Once the team is enabled, you can use the team manager to manage the members. A new option is included in the context menu as well. With the team manager you can add/edit/remove members from the team using the context menu.

Transponder assignment

The transponder checking follows these rules:

- Teams MUST own different transponder numbers - Team members must own the team transponder number or a system-wide unique transponder number.

The system can detect automatically who is running if every racer installs its own transponder. If the racers share the same car, it can be difficult to change the transponder installation during the relay. It is allowed to share the same transponder number for all team members and there is an option in the context menu allowing to define the active driver (racer running) in order to control partial times. The option use the same transponder facilitates the transponder configuration and set the team transponder to the team members.


There is a “relay” page into the configuration window where you can setup the relay options

Turn durationminutesMax. time racers run in their turn. 0 will disable the relay time control
Relay time interval hh:mm:ss time that teams have to change the driver. It is counted +/- the turn time
Time to warn starting relays hh:mm:ss Time to announce the relay


Turn duration 20 min.
Relay time interval 00:01:00
Time to warn starting relays 00:02:00

Teams must change racers every 20 minutes. The relay must be done from min. 19 to min. 21 (+/- 00:01:00). The system will announce the starting relay on min. 17 (two minutes before the relay time begins). The start/finish relay time will be announce too.

Teams view

The sessions panel show new formatted panels for teams including all team member data.

If a racer is running more than the turn time then it will be highlighted in red.

Teams will include: Position, Laps, Total time (for 1st) and interval (others), last time, best time Fastest ream will show best lap in fucshia

Team members will display: laps, total time, mean time and best time. The fastests lap time will be shown in fucshia.

The car stopped will be shown with a red warning including the word “BOX” blinking.

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