What is ZRound?

ZRound Suite is a package with applications thought to cover all race management and timing needs.

  • ZRound is a race manager. It is software that makes funny and easy to time single races and manage radio control and slot car races and championships. You can use it in a dual monitor PC with differents views for race control and public. It includes a full featured alarms (sounds and voiec) system to control races and trainings. Managers take full control according their needs during the race. Lap times are registered for all racers, even you can double laps during the race to solve issues due missed laps. Classification can be shown based on best lap, total lap count, total time, best lap time, mean lap time. An estimation of the total laps/time is computed every lap completed. All race events are registered and saved in order to review issues or claims.
  • ZRound Manager is a championship Manager system allows to control championships and their races, each one can have its own race format and settings (heat/main duration, number of rounds, pump up, classification sorts, etc.). It generates HTML documents which can be uploaded to your web site and a FTP feature to upload the files from the application.
  • ZViewer is a time monitor. You can use it to review race details or practice session data files. It can connect to the race manager over a local network (or internet) to see times from your desktop.
  • Track Designer is a small track layout designer. It works with standard 50cm RCP-Like tiles.
  • Mobile app. connects to ZRound to see/listen your laps on your phone.
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