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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated
229 Championship Manager Feature New Normal Add banned IP for repeated wrong user credentials Jesús M. Broceño 04/23/2024 10:50 PM Actions
228 Championship Manager Feature Feedback Normal Allow users to sign-in on zround results site and delete their uploaded data Jesús M. Broceño 04/23/2024 10:49 PM Actions
227 ZRound Suite Feature New Normal Add practice results to ZRound results site Jesús M. Broceño 04/19/2024 04:43 PM Actions
226 Race Manager Feature In Progress Normal Enable N-Beset laps on practice time Jesús M. Broceño 04/12/2024 05:17 PM Actions
224 Championship Manager Bug New Normal Event Manager issues 04/12/2024 03:22 PM Actions
223 Championship Manager Feature New Normal Add "number of laps" criteria on pre-qualify rounds 04/10/2024 05:33 PM Actions
221 Race Manager Feature New Normal Add race class to run results report Jesús M. Broceño 04/12/2024 03:54 PM Actions
220 Race Manager Bug New Normal The live timing session clock does not sync with the monitor clock in practice mode Jesús M. Broceño 03/12/2024 11:39 PM Actions
211 Race Manager Feature Feedback Normal Add command line parameter to start the application minimized Jesús M. Broceño 02/07/2024 12:54 AM Actions
208 Championship Manager Feature New Normal Add round results on "Heats and Mains" race format Jesús M. Broceño 01/12/2024 11:29 PM Actions
197 Race Manager Feature New Normal Live results. Display data in two rows on small (mobile devices) Jesús M. Broceño 11/10/2023 06:04 PM Actions

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