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Racer using the wrong transponder

ZRound gives you simple but effective tools to control the transponders used (test if all of them count, unregistered transponders detection, etc.). However, in the real world people forgot to check their transponders and is common to find a racer using a transponder number not registered for the race.

ZRound will save unregistered cars laps and times and will show them allowing you to assign the laps to a registered racer. You must select the “unregistered” entry and use the context menu to assign the laps to any registered racer. You will be asked for confirmation, the command cannot be undone and the racer will lost their laps.

Fig1: Unregistered transponder data is shown. A racer has 0 laps/time as he is using the wrong transponder number.

Fig2: Using the context menu, the unregistered transponder laps are assigned to the offending racer.


Recovering unregistered transponder data is available on ZRound Suite 1.12.21

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