Released 2022-05-20
0000137: [Feature] Slot: Rotar carriles en cada serie final (jesus)
0000140: [Feature] AƱadir campo "tramo" para calcular desempate en modo Slot (jesus)
0000141: [Bug] Error starting run (auto-start mode) (jesus)
0000142: [Bug] Error uploading event race results to (jesus)
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Released 2022-03-26
0000136: [Feature] Add championship date and column sorts on search championship form (jesus)
0000135: [Feature] Show warning on Heat re-arrange if it has been already done (jesus)
0000132: [Bug] Championship settings lost on reload (jesus)
0000133: [Bug] Classification for racers without results used inscriptions sort instead of the higher available criteria (jesus)
0000126: [Feature] Evaluate final results by point. (jesus)
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Consistency ratio
0000146: [Feature] Add command line option to set the default settings file (.ini) (jesus)
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Released 2022-05-20
0000138: [Feature] Show total laps on session panel and racer's profile form (jesus)
0000139: [Feature] Save columns width of best-lap & practice results forms (jesus)
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Released 2022-03-26
0000134: [Feature] Allow configure database provider (jesus)
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