Update v1.12.6

 Jesús    18 Mar : 17:05
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Update v1.12.6

Ahora con ZRound prodrás gestionar distintos trazados. Los resultados de los entrenamientos y carreras quedarán vinculados con el trazado y se mostrarán los resultados de entrenamientos y carreras del trazado seleccionado. 2FVistaCircuito 2FMainCircuito Desde la ficha de los pilotos podrás consultar los resultados en cualquier trazado. La selección se realiza haciendo doble-click en el dibujo del trazado. 2FEntrenoCircuito

En el gestor de campeonatos permite mover pilotos para configurar las mangas mediante "arrastrar y soltar". Video demo Desde el gestor de campeonatos se pueden subir los resultados a ZRound Live. Esta opción está aún en fase de desarrollo, solo podrás subir información de campeonatos previamente registrados. Para más información contacta con info@zround.com 2FLiveUpload

--- Now you can manage layouts with ZRound. Practice and race results will be linked to the layout and it will be displayed only results related to the selected layout. The racer practice result window allows you to review results in any layout. The current layout is shown by default but you can choose other by double-click on the top right layout image On the other hand, the championship manager allows to use "drag and drop" to move racers across the heats, now the heat setup is even more easy. Video demo Championship Manager can upload results to "zround live" site. It is still in development phase and only pre-registered races/championship can be updated. For further details contact to info@zround.com

ZRound para Android ahora con sonido

 Jesús    26 Feb : 17:27
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ZRound para Android ahora con sonido

He añadido opciones de sonido a la configuración. Ahora emite un sonido cuando haces tu mejor vuelta de la sesión en curso y hace sonar la campana cuando haces la mejor vuelta del día (desde que arranca el programa)

También lee todas las vueltas, o la mejor, o la mejor desde que arrancó el programa ... Lo puedes configurar en el menú de la aplicación

New sound options included. A sound is played at best lap time and the bell rings when you get the overall best lap since the application was started.

Also the lap times are read out, all laps, best lap, or the best lap since the application was started ... see the application menu


Versión de ZRound móvil para Playbook (RIM)

 Jesús    13 Feb : 20:05
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Versión de ZRound para Playbook

Nuestros amigos del club "Mini Car Club of Canada" han creado un paquete para que la versión de Android funcione en la tablet the RIM (BlackBerry).

Aunque la "audiencia" es limitada, es una buena noticia para aquellos usuarios fieles a RIM. La aplicación está disponible en el App World.

Aquí tenéis la noticia original ... Noticia en Mini-ZRacer.com

ZRound Companion application for the BlackBerry PlayBook
ZRound is the program that MC3 uses for lap counting.

We've had a great relationship over the years with Jesús and as you know, he's just released a companion application for android 2.3 phones which lets you select your transponder number and see your personal laps.

MC3 and ZRound have partnered to bring the same ZRound Companion application to the BlackBerry® Playbook ™. Right now the app only works on OS 2.0 which is currently not available to the public, however RIM™ has said it will be available some time this month.

MC3 has also been accepted as a vendor with BlackBerry® App World which doesn't mean a guarantee that the application will be accepted for distribution, but it does look positive. We've submitted the application for evaluation (fingers crossed).

The cost will be free and support will be provided by MC3 once approved for distribution through App World.

In future, we will also be looking to build a version for BlackBerry® phones.

We will update this thread with more info as it becomes available.

I've create a small guide as to how to configure the program and what the various fields mean. This information can also be used for the Android version however it is beyond the size limit in this forum.

Over the next couple of days, the MC3 website will have a support page which will have all this information available for viewing.

Legal Notice
The ZRound Companion BlackBerry® Playbook ™ program brought to you by Mini-Car Club of Canada (MC3) is in agreement with the developer, Jesús M. Broceño. ZRound remains copyright and trademark of Jesús M. Broceño.

The Trademarks [RIM, BlackBerry, PlayBook] are owned by Research In Motion Limited and is registered in the United States and may be pending or registered in other countries. Mini-Car Club of Canada is not endorsed, sponsored, affiliated with or otherwise authorized by Research In Motion Limited.
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